We Are Kenneth and Nicole of Through The

This page is dedicated to our (secretive and false) imprisonment by the CIA while MK Ultra mind controlled slaves. 

We are determined to LIVE TO TELL what the CIA has done. 




We were Tortured and Unlawfully Imprisoned prior to the Patriot Act in 2001

We were Tortured and Unlawfully Imprisoned using the Patriot Act from 2001 to now

We were Kidnapped in CIA Operation Dantalion. 

The CIA runs Prison Boats, Airplanes, Trains, etc.

The CIA runs Prison Torture houses in America.

The 2007-2008 Obama-era Economic Housing Crash was a CIA action plan to obtain houses to covertly imprison Americans. 

A CIA-operated torture lab could be next door to you.

ALL are in operation today.

Like a Prisoner of War, we have been falsely imprisoned and tortured (nternationally and on American soil) without any hearings, Due Process, or legal representation and NO proof of any crimes alleged by the CIA. 




We were only given an ILLUSION OF FREEDOM .

* We have information about  other American CIA prisoners; however, no legal authority has offered assistance yet. So...

* Be the voice for the prisoners

* Demand a PUBLIC-DRIVEN investigation

Think criticially about the 'housing grab', the government 'bail-outs', and government-based financial/tax/business incentives.

This is our true story. 

We, Kenneth and Nicole of Through The, have been falsely imprisoned and brutally tortured

before and after the Patriot Act by the American CIA.

We are STILL NOT FREE from the CIA's 'invisible' grasp. 

We are MK ULTRA slaves tortured for decades by CIA, political leaders, and members of an international Cabal criminal organization.

Our abusers legalized torture in the U.S. in 2001 while we were already being tortured and in a CIA prison.

President George Bush Jr's administration added over 20,000 pages to the Patriot Act after 9-11-2001. 

We ARE the reason for the additional 20,000 pages of the Patriot Act. 

Our government tortured us for what we discovered.

Then Legalized Torturing Us. 

  • President Obama personally spoke to us while we were CIA prisoners when he signed laws and/or 'Executive Orders' attempting to LEGALIZE and  PARDON govenment participants in our CIA-operated TORTURE
  • Kenneth and Nicole's FALSE CIA imprisonment PREDATED 9-11-01
  • Kenneth and Nicole's CIA imprisonment continued after 9-11 to now
  • Presidents such as George H. W. Bush Sr, George Bush Jr, and Bill Clinton have participated in our illegal confinement
  • Prominently positioned politicians participated in abusing us
  • Enhanced Interrogation methods were developed by Bruce Jessen and James Mitchell post 9-11 on Ken and Nicole
  • After 9-11, Ken and Nicole were renamed with Muslim/Arabic sounding names by President George Bush Jr
  • Kenneth and Nicole were sent to CIA Thailand Black Site by Bush Jr
  • Current CIA Director Gina Haspel tortured Ken and Nicole
  • CIA Director Gina Haspel knew we were Americans given (fake) arabic names by President George Bush to hide us
  • Enhanced interrogation = Enhanced torture
  • Highly advanced technology directed at the (abuse) of human mind is used
  • Artificial Intelligence is weaponized against CIA prisoners
  • Scientific processes such as human cloning and consciousness-transfer utilized by A.I. and CIA
  • MK Ultra slaves can = human clones of the CIA prisoner
  • Human clones are easier to control than source bodies
  • CIA uses advanced technology on mankind: human cloning, mind control, simulated/artificial realities, memory deletion
  • Enhanced-Interrogation torture techniques must be BANNED
  • ALL PerpeTraitors should be criminally prosecuted for Treason and Sedition, etc

Our MK Ultra mind control programming 'broke' in CIA Operation Dantalion in 2001 when we fell in love near Nashville, Tennessee.

The faulty mind control programming provided opportunities for our conscious awareness,

often called 'co-con' or 'co-consciousness'.

The electromagnetic frequency of the emotion of love

and the heart's electromagnetic field helped free our minds (for a time).

We regained our government-erased memories and gained conscious awareness of the truth to our slavery, human trafficking, CIA-sanctioned torture, and continued illegal CIA detainment.

We Are.Not.FREE From The CIA.

We Are Not Free From Operation Dantalion.

We Were Never 'Let Go'. 


Demand to Know the Truth.

Share our true story.

Tell someone about 'Through The Trance' today. 

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Help us shine a light in the dark. 

We have been through horrible things and survived to tell. 

Our abusers are worldwide, connected like an 'octopus' with tentacles weaving through society's structures.

From our perspective while hostage by the CIA:

1. The CIA operates on U.S. soil, performing missions on American civilians.

2. The CIA used laws like the Patriot Act to legalize detaining Americans without using normal court processes. 

3. The CIA operates 'torture houses' on American soil.

A variety of housing modalties are used: shipping containers, basements, extra bedrooms, discreet dungeon style torture rooms, NASA-quality laboratories, large acreage tracts of land, tractor trailers.

All funded by the CIA, often using LLC's and private contractors for payroll and to cover the maintenance cost associated with maintaing prisoners.

4. The Housing Market Crash of 2007/2008 was to obtain more housing for CIA prisoners

A 2020 housing market crash is predicted by Zillow. Ask yourself WHY?

5. The CIA operates prison ocean vessels or 'boats' designed specifically for torture. 

6. The American CIA is torturing people and deploying mind control methods so the individual does not remember the torture (akin to amnesia). 

7. Repeated, prolonged High Voltage Electric Shock used. 

8. Enhanced Interrogation techniques are used. 

Demand a public investigation into 'enhanced interrogation' and the #truth about Torture.

9. Kidnapped, Tortured, Human Trafficked, Occult Ritually Abused, Falsely Imprisoned for Decades but Hidden with Mind Control Methods and Advanced Technology. 

10. The CIA, with coordinated use of the Deep State (aka NWO, New World Order), mafia, occult/cult, biker gangs, politicians across the globe, firemen, law enforcement officers, local level/city officials, banks, news, schools, medical professionals, secret societies such as Freemasonry or Order of the Rose have deployed mind control methods on society. 

11. Are you a SLAVE or FREE. Prisoner or Handler. Clone or Source Body?

12. Case in point, when Nicole was employed at the Duke Energy subsidiary, PTAN, (P.T. Access Network in Florida recently  renamed 'PeakNet'), one of Nicole's bosses, Allan Bakalar, PTAN General Manager, was 100% in-the-know about the human cloning process used by the CIA. Nicole had 'broken' programming and Allan was ready to dial the CIA and get a NEW CLONE

Allan Bakalar sexually abused Nicole at the PTAN office in the St. Petersburg, Flordia office using mind control methods.

Allan Bakalar KNEW Nicole was a MK Ultra clone and had CIA insight into the true imprisonement of Nicole's (real) source body.

13. Cloning and Mind Control provide opportunities to control politics, money, cheap labor, black-Op Money, untraceable funds, direct the flow of society's perceptions, education, every aspect of human society is being manipuleted by the Cabal.

Slavery did not disappear. 

  • It changed appearances; hidden with forms of mind control, technology, and well-researched memory control method. 
  • MK Ultra slaves are like free labor with memory compartments and some one other than you has the keys to that compartment. 

Share our true story. 

  • Research torture and the historical use of trauma-based mind control to control the subconscious mind and the life of the person throughout their lives until death. 
  • Research the use of harmonic frequencies, occult ritual abuse, the covert use of hypnosis 
  • Human trafficking is hidden with mind control methods and advanced memory erasure.
  • If we disappear, die, or change our story, know 'they' (CIA) have reprogrammed us.

Demand a Public-Driven Investigation and look HOUSE-TO-HOUSE for CIA PRISONERS. 

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Some say, CIA Deployed Mind Control methods create programmable, human computer robots.

Imagine the options:

  • A person who functions like a puppet on a string with keys, access codes, code words, triggers
  • Able to be programmed with secretive, post-hypnotic suggestions
  • With NO memory of specified/intended events (excellent cover for spycraft, CIA drug mules, human trafficking, etc)
  • CIA handlers of 'human robots' are able to manipulate and erase memories
  • Full support of Federal government and Military Bases
  • Full support within local communities for 'those in the know' who help maintain CIA prisoners and (MK Ultra) slaves
  • International support of in-the-know organizations 

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Be the Voice for the prisoners

Demand a PUBLIC-DRIVEN investigation


Think criticially about the 'housing grab', the government 'bail-outs', and government-based financial/tax/business incentives.

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